Cooler weather perfect for Fall Fishing

TIM ISBELL/SUN HERALDCrappie can be found in the Pascagoula River.
TIM ISBELL/SUN HERALDCrappie can be found in the Pascagoula River. SUN HERALD

Fall fishing provides plenty of opportunities for anglers.

The month-long stretch of late October to the middle of November gives anglers a chance to catch fish in cooler temperatures. Depending on the weather, anglers should dress accordingly and gear up appropriately.

Under the second transitional phase of the year, water temperatures drop below 70 degrees and head toward the 60-degree mark. This drop offers anglers a chance to hit the bays and rivers in hopes of catching speckled trout and redfish.

Metabolism levels of the fish slows down due to the cooler water temperatures. Bait fish can't survive in shallow water. They head into deep holes and wait for warmer temperatures to return.

Fish can be found in one concentrated area from the Beachfront to Interstate 10 in all three Coastal counties: Harrison, Hancock and Jackson.

White trout can usually be seen around the nearshore reefs built by the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources.

Cobia can be found around the structures on the barrier islands (Cat Island, Ship Island, Horn Island and Petit Bois Island) from their spring migration through the fall before heading to South Florida for the winter.

The Pascagoula River and Pascagoula Marsh are great fishing hotspots for bass, crappie and sunfish. As water temperatures fall, bass begin to move up into the warmer waters of the connected oxbows, bayous and side channels associated with the river making fish readily available to anglers.

Small crankbaits, spinnerbaits and soft plastic creature baits fished around cypress trees and structure close to the channel in deeper water are a good bet for bass in these areas.

Sunfish and crappie are also moving up in those backwater areas and usually caught with small spinnerbaits, jigs, crickets and minnows.