DMR seizes illegal shrimp, shark from boat in federal waters

The state Department of Marine Resources seized illegally caught shrimp, endangered sharks from a vessel fishing in federal waters on Wednesday night.

Marine Patrol Officers Dwayne Armes, John Grimsley and Leo De George boarded a shrimp boat, Sally Kim IV, to check for permits and proper use of Turtle Excluder Devices. Officers round that there was no shrimping permit for federal waters, but had 4,000 pounds of shrimp aboard, as well as two Atlantic Angel sharks, a prohibited species.

The vessel was escorted back to harbor by Officer Brian Wallace, who was serving as captain for the day patrol.

The case will be transferred from DMR to NOAA for judgment.

The DMR entered into the joint enforcement agreement with the U.S. Department of Commerce NOAA to provide law enforcement of federal regulations in both state and federal waters in 2001.