Texas couple take centerstage at Carl Legett Tournament

Aubree and Jeff Harris shined Sunday at the 23rd Annual Carl Legett Memorial Fishing Tournament.
Aubree and Jeff Harris shined Sunday at the 23rd Annual Carl Legett Memorial Fishing Tournament. Special to the Sun Herald

Jeff and Aubree Harris were at the back of the weigh line at the 23rd Annual Carl Legett Memorial Fishing Tournament at Point Cadet on Sunday.

But the League City, TX couple brought in two cobia, which were good enough for first and second place.

Aubree caught the 55.2-pound first place fish, and Jeff’s 54.6-pounder moved him to second place. Aubree received $2,000. and Jeff earned $500. They also won the Cobia Calcutta for an additional $600.

“We had a bunch of boats fishing out there with us but we lost a motor,” said Jeff. “We blew a lower unit on one of our motors on Friday.”

Added Aubree: “We had two motors, so we fished on one motor the whole weekend, doing like ten knots. I beat him, I beat him.It was stressful. We had one motor and we got caught in a squall, it was rough. It was windy, and it was raining. He wanted to leave, but I said no, we’re staying here, and I caught it. And that was the last fish we caught, and after that we went in.”

Over $35,000 in prize money was awarded to fishermen in three different categories: In-Shore, Off-Shore and Freshwater. The biggest prize was $3,000 awarded to Jeremy Register for his first prize catch yellow fin tuna at 50.4 pounds.

Other off-shore winners were Jeremy Goldman with a 39.8 pound king mackerel and Robert Romero’s 12-pound red snapper.

In-shore winners were Ashlen O’Grady with a 22.6-pound blackfish, Mike Goodwin’s 4.2-pound flounder, Damon Kletecka’s 6.8-pound speckled trout, David Saucier’s 41-pound red fish, Dennis Adams’ 99.9-pound alligator gar, and Ajay Mangal’s 47.4-pound black drum.

In the fresh water division, James Bowman caught a 39.2-pound catfish and Lee Johnson won with a 7.6-pound green trout.

“Our numbers were down, but overall we ended up with over 350 fisherman and a lot of good fish turned in,” said tournament director Steve Braun.

“It was great. I mean, considering the weather and the weather reports that were out there,” said Carl Legett weighmaster Randall Broussard. “We filled every category, first, second and third place. We weighed a lot of fish, considering the weather.”