Young hunter aims for success in deer hunting

Long Beach’s Brody Blaker shows off a deer he recently harvested.
Long Beach’s Brody Blaker shows off a deer he recently harvested. Submitted

Brody Blaker learned how to hunt deer at the age of 5.

Since that time, Blaker has harvested 50 deer. Blaker recently caught a 10-point buck using a bow outside Wiggins, where his family owns a deer camp.

“I’ve become good at deer hunting from practicing,” Blaker said. “I practice every chance I get. I practiced with a BB gun and a bow in my front yard.”

The St. Stanislaus seventh-grader had to overcome a broken collarbone this hunting season.

“I can shoot with one hand,” Blaker said.

Blaker, 12, is an effective hunter with a gun or bow, but has his favorite weapon of choice.

“I like hunting with a bow the best because it’s more of a challenge,” Blaker said. “I’ve killed 11 deer with a bow.”

Blaker enjoys hunting with his father, Bruce Blaker, and his older sister, Demi. The Blaker patriarch is the softball coach at Our Lady Academy. Demi Blaker made the Sun Herald’s All-South Mississippi softball team a record six times at OLA.

“Deer hunting is a time where we can get together as a family,” Brody Blaker said.

The Long Beach resident rates himself against the family.

“I’m the best hunter of the family,” Blaker said. “I’ve killed the most deer. I can also hit the farthest.”

Bruce Blaker agrees with his son.

“Brody is a very gifted hunter and loves the outdoors,” Bruce Blaker said. “He started hunting with me at age 3 and was hooked.”

Blaker will have opportunities to hunt in the Southeast Zone until Feb. 15, when the primitive and archery weapon season for deer closes.

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