Primitive weapon deer hunting in Southeast Zone open until Feb. 15

Primitive weapon for deer in the Southeast Zone ends Feb. 15.
Primitive weapon for deer in the Southeast Zone ends Feb. 15. Charlotte Observer file

The primitive and archery weapon season for deer opened this week for all three Deer Management Zones.

The season ends Jan. 31 in the Delta and Hill Zones, but the Southeast Zone season closes Feb. 15. The Southeast Zone includes Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, George and Stone counties.

In the Southeast Zone, legal bucks are eligible for harvest on public land between Jan. 19 and Jan. 31. Between Feb. 1 and Feb. 15, legal bucks are eligible only on private land and open public land.

The bag limit in the Southeast for antlerless deer is one each day and three per annual season. Legal bucks must have a minimum inside spread of 10 inches or one main beam at least 13 inches long.

Hunters required to have a hunting license must possess a valid primitive weapon license, sportsman’s license or lifetime sportsman’s license on private lands.

Additional legal weapons for the primitive weapon season are primitive firearms and archery equipment. Primitive firearms for the purpose of hunting deer are defined as single- or double-barreled muzzle-loading rifles of at least .38 caliber; single-shot breech-loading metallic cartridge rifles (.35 caliber or larger) and replicas, reproductions or reintroductions of those rifles with an exposed hammer; or single or double-barreled muzzle-loading shotguns with single ball or slug.

All muzzle-loading primitive firearms must use black powder or a black powder substitute with percussion caps, No. 209 shotgun primers or flintlock ignition.

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