Thanksgiving signals opening of duck season

Mississippi’s duck season opened Friday and runs until Jan. 29.
Mississippi’s duck season opened Friday and runs until Jan. 29. Tsmith@sunherald.com/File

Thanksgiving weekend usually means the start of duck season.

The season for ducks, mergansers and coots opened Friday and runs until Jan. 29.

The daily bag limit will be a total of six ducks, including no more than four mallards (no more than two of which may be female), three wood ducks, two redheads, three scaup, two pintails, one canvasback, one mottled duck and one black duck.

The merganser daily bag limit will be a total of five and only two may be hooded mergansers.

Coots will have a 15-bird daily bag limit. The possession limit is three times the daily bag limit for ducks and mergansers.

Cold weather, wetland habitat conditions and local habitat availability could determine the number of ducks in any region.

Hunters ages 16 to 64 must obtain a hunting license and be Harvest Information Program-registered in the state. All hunters older than16 are required to have both a state and federal duck stamp. If hunting in a wildlife-management area, hunters will also need a WMA user permit.

Physical waterfowl stamps are not valid unless signed in ink. Youth under 16 are exempt from purchasing a hunting license and waterfowl stamps, but must be present with an adult.

Mississippi and Louisiana residents may hunt waterfowl on either side of state-line waters with a valid hunting license and duck stamp from their home state and a federal duck stamp if the season is open in both states. If the season is open in one state and not the other, hunters can only hunt in the state that’s open.

Hunters should carefully read the regulations for all public lands before hunting to ensure they are obeying the rules.

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