New Orleans Saints

Saints, Bucs courting Vilma

Two teams are apparently going after middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma -- the Saints and the Bucs. The Saints faxed a contract offer this morning, according to ESPN. Vilma has stated since before the end of the season that he wanted to remain in New Orleans, but was willing to listen to other offers. But money talks, and Tampa Bay has a lot to spend. According to Pewter Report, the Bucs are trying to set up a visit with Vilma with the hopes of being able to flash their $60 million cap space in Vilma's face. Barrett Ruud already plays the middle, so the Bucs would likely want to shift Vilma to the weakside in place of Derrick Brooks. Knowing Vilma, he'd much prefer to play the middle in the 4-3 scheme. Check back throughout the day for more Saints free agency news at