Hurns defends Cowboys receivers against criticism, implicates Prescott by default

Allen Hurns is not kidding himself, but the free agent addition who signed with the Dallas Cowboys to be their “No. 1” wide receiver is of the belief both he and his crew are better than their numbers.

His answer implicates a certain three-lettered player whose name rhymes with Sak.

“For sure, (the plays) are there,” Hurns said in the locker room after the Cowboys’ 19-16 overtime loss against the Houston Texans.

When I asked him if criticism of the Cowboys’ wide receivers given the statistical production was valid, from either fans or media, he said, “They don’t understand it. If you just go by stat lines, of course you can say that. If you are really watching film, you can’t say that.

“If you want to go back and watch film, it comes down to the majority of snaps. Of course, it’s not going to be every snap you are going to win across the board. Are you creating separation? We left some plays out here. I’m not saying we’re always perfect and we’re always open. I’m not. That’s not the case. I feel like the majority of the snaps we are creating separation.

“If I’m not open, (Cole Beasley) is open and it rotates. It’s not always like all three receivers are not getting open.”

Take that however you want, but there is no doubt some thinly veiled criticism at quarterback Dak Prescott, even if it’s unintentional because it is valid. The wide receivers can’t be the only ones tossed into the bear pit over the Cowboys’ shameful excuse for a passing game, but their numbers are horrific.

Hurns: He signed a two-year, $12 million deal with the Cowboys to leave Jacksonville in the offseason, has eight receptions for 84 yards this season. He caught his first touchdown with the team on Sunday night.

Tavon Austin: Acquired for a sixth-round NFL Draft pick in a trade with the L.A. Rams, Austin has been too erratic. He has six receptions for 125 yards and two touchdowns. His dropped pass on Sunday night led to an interception.

Michael Gallup: The rookie third round pick, who looked so good in preseason, is now being exposed as a baby in the NFL. He has six receptions for 82 yards. He had an awful game Sunday night.

Deonte Thompson: The free agent signee has 11 receptions for 102 yards.

Cole Beasley: He leads the team with 17 receptions for 193 yards. Seven of his catches came in the Week 1 loss at Carolina.

Terrance Williams: Who cares?

Everything Hurns said may be accurate, just as are those statistics.

Precisely none of the above looks good right now. The receivers are doing nothing. Dak is missing guys, too.

It’s all a mess.

“It’s always frustrating. Look across the league and teams are throwing the ball,” Hurns said. “You try not to compare yourself to others but just waiting for that opportunity when it comes your way.”

The wait continues.