Biloxi Shuckers

WATCH: Shuckers fan makes remarkable barehanded catch

Not all of Saturday's web gems at the new MGM Park happened on the field.

An incredible catch by one Biloxi Shuckers fan has been getting plenty of national play after he nabbed a screaming foul ball barehanded.

Micah Graves happened to be wearing a GoPro at the Shuckers' 5-4 14-inning win Saturday when he made the grab and caught it all on film.

The catch is already a hit  not even 72 hours later. As of Monday evening, the video already almost 49,000 views and clicks were climbing by the minute.

After Graves made the grab and gave players and fellow Shuckers fans a thumbs up, one of his neighbors leaned over and said, "I had faith in you but I turned away."

What do you think of the grab? Watch it below:

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