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Honors roll in for Coast's football standouts

 The Sun Herald 2015 All Coast Football team
TIM ISBELL/SUN HERALD The Sun Herald 2015 All Coast Football team SUN HERALD

Plenty of accolades poured in for the Coast's finest football players once the state championships were completed in Oxford. Below is a complete roundup of all the state and region honors for the Coast's teams:

Region 4-6A

0107_bisp_Deon Cole Honors.jpg
TIM ISBELL/SUN HERALD A host of Harrison Central defenders try to bring down Gulfport running back Deon Cole, Oct. 16, 2015. TIM ISBELL SUN HERALD

Biloxi: WR Tim Jones, all-region first team; OL Jacques Crochet, all-region second team; LB Drake Peters, all-region second team.

D'Iberville: P Barry Leonardi, all-region first team; DL Jacques Turner, Region 4-6A Defensive MVP; LB Ty Peters, all-region first team; DB Chris Thompson, all-region second team.

George County: QB LaRaymond Spivery, all-region first team; TE Brandon Walley, all-region first team, all-state first team; WR Dwan Williams, all-region first team; LB Colton Brannan, all-region first team, all-state first team; DL Mason Herrington, all-region first team; RB Khalil Burns, all-region second team; WR Tyrese Fryfogle, all-region second team; LB Cole Contestabile, all-region second team; DL Justice Havens, all-region second team; DB Joseph Lawrence, all-region second team.

Gulfport: Eddie Pierce, Region 4-6A Coach of the Year; RB Deon Cole, Region 4-6A Offensive MVP, all-state first team; OL Stephen Cooper, all-region first team; LB Karlos Dillard, first-team all-region; DL Ty Powell, first-team all-region; DB Alton Conerly, all-region first team; DB Princeton Fells, all-region first team; OL Travis Frost, all-region second team; OL Nick Duromes, all-region first team; WR Sean Daniels, all-region second team; LB Gabe Williams, all-region second team; DL Ginarious Johnson, all-region second team; DL D.J. Stevenson, all-region second team.

Hancock: OL Trevor Smith, all-region second team; P Elliot Nolan, all-region second team.

Harrison Central: OL Jacob Shoemaker, all-region first team; LB Aaron Rainey, all-region first team, all-state second team; DL Jordon Beaton, all-region first team; DL Michael Boyce, all-region first team; Steven Biggs, all-region first team; RB Keon Moore, all-region second team; OL Charles Moffett, all-region second team; WR Dee White, all-region second team; DL Chase Crosby, all-region second team; DB Nehemiah Thompson, all-region second team.

Ocean Springs: RB Matthew Pleasant, all-region first team; OL Bruno Cantu, all-region first team; OL Dalton Horne, all-region first team; WR Austin Williams, all-region first team; K Brad Wall, all-region first team, all-state first team; LB Deonta Burchfield, all-region first team; DB Isaiah Toler, all-region first team; QB Drew Windham, all-region second team; TE J.C. Clearman, all-region second team; LB Vincent Milanese, all-region second team; DB Dwain Alford, all-region second team.

St. Martin: QB Wayne Overman, all-region first team; RB Tyler Polk, all-region first team, Class 6A Athlete of the Year; OL Jimon Dixon, all-region first team; WR Kalem Reddix, all-region first team; WR Kaleb Clark, all-region second team; K Sean Gomez, all-region second team; LB Chance Seymour, all-region second team.

Region 4-5A

1004_BISP_gautier fball09.jpg
AMANDA McCOY/SUN HERALD Pearl River Central running back Christian Roberts runs the ball for a touchdown against Gautier on Friday, October 10, 2015, at Gautier High. AMANDA McCOY/SUN HERALD

Gautier: OL Paul Gainer, all-region first team; QB LeCharles Pringle, all-region first team; DL Demetrius Robison, all-region first team; DB William Beverly, all-region first team; RB Deandre Torrey, all-region second team; OL Justin Scott, all-region second team; K/P Josh Penton, all-region second team; DT Cameron Williams, all-region second team.

Long Beach: LB Kevin Wayne, Region 4-5A Co-Defensive Player of the Year; OL Jason Trombley, all-region first team; WR Trevor Terry, all-region first team, all-state first team; WR Brock Byrd, all-region first team; ATH Mario Clark, all-region first team; DL Trevon Taylor, all-region first team; LB Jarius Warren, all-region first team; DB Derek Young, all-region first team; DL Collin Laubmeier, all-region second team; LB Dustin Bryant, all-region second team.

Pascagoula: OL Ahmad Hyde, all-region first team; ATH Jakwaize Walker, all-region first team, all-state second team; LB Matt Inlow, all-region first team; DB Cameron Shoemo, all-region first team; P Griffin Siblett, all-region first team, all-state first team; RB Reginald Hunter, all-region second team; LB Kalishawn Booker, all-region second team; OL James Jackson, all-region second team, all-state first team; WR Cartreal Davison all-region second team; DB Devontea Thompson, all-region second team; DB Jordan Mims, all-region second team; DE Rasheed Jackson, all-region second team.

Pearl River Central: Eric Collins, Region 5-4A Coach of the Year; LB David Salser, Region 5-4A Player of the Year, all-state first team; RB Christian Roberts, Region 5-4A Offensive Player of the Year, all-state first team; OL Sam Lefebvre, all-region first team, all-state second team; OL Ryan Kennedy, all-region first team; RB Hunter Holifield, all-region first team; WR Austin Champagne, all-region first team; TE Cade Lee, all-region first team; DL Josh Neumann, all-region first team; DL Drake Whitfield, all-region first team; LB Stephen Galladorra, all-region first team; DB Dalton Howe, all-region first team, all-state second team; DB A.J. Banks, all-region first team; DT Mason Haywood, all-region second team; LB Cody Spiers, all-region second team; DB Remi Reed, all-region second team; DB Matt Spence, all-region second team; WR Dylan Bernius, all-region second team; RB Michael Tatman, all-region second team; OL Logan Linseben, second team, all-region; OL Nick Bisesi, all-region second team.

Picayune: OL Jacob Namais, all-region first team; OL Josiah Stallings, all-region first team; RB Josh Littles, all-region first team; DL Nathan Gill, all-region first team; LB Brian Taylor, all-region first team; DB Trey Winbrow, all-region first team; OL Caleb Dorn, all-region second team; RB Blake Merrifield, all-region second team; DT Louis Graham, all-region second team; DB V.J. Holt, all-region second team; QB Skyler Bowman, all-region second team; DL Earl Nastasi, all-region second team.

Stone: OL Caleb Avin, all-region first team; RB Terrion Avery, all-region first team; K Mason Hunt, all-region first team; LB Trey Wegner, all-region first team; OL Brandon Dickens, all-region second team; WR Tavarus Breland; OL Wade Cobb, all-region second team.

West Harrison: OL Josh Oatis, all-region first team.

Region 8-4A

1225_BISP_miles ssc.jpg
JOHN FITZHUGH/SUN HERALD St. Stanislaus quarterback Myles Brennan is the Sun Herald's player of the year for a second straight season. JOHN FTIZHUGH SUN HERALD

Bay High: RB Keishaun Pullom, all-region first team; OL Jared Truxillo, all-region first team; P Mark Johnson, all-region first team, all-state second team; DL Chris Brown, all-region first team; LB Dustin Davis, all-region second team; Tyler Daniels, all-region second team; DL Dalton Bermond, all-region second team.

East Central: RB A.J. Davis, all-region first team, all-state first team; OL Devin Auvil, all-region first team, all-state second team; DL Dalton Ladnier, all-region first team; LB Devin Whitfield, all-region first team, all-state second team; DB Jacob Vick, all-region first team; DL Austin Cirlot, all-region second team; DB William Reynolds, all-region second team; DL Andrew Anderson, all-region second team; LB Stone Tolbert, all-region second team; OL Connor Estes, all-region second team; LB Kyle Ely. all-region second team.

Moss Point: RB Omni Wells, all-region first team; TE Devin Simpson, all-region first team; OL Matt Sellers, all-region first team; LB Rayshon Marcel, all-region first team; DB Trevon Dubose, all-region first team, all-state first team; OL Jamal Daniels, all-region second team; RB Cal'Terrius Anderson, all-region second team; RB Travis Marion, all-region second team; DL TeVaun Weatherspoon, all-region second team; OL Antwoine Bailey, all-region second team.

Pass Christian: RB VJ Swanier, all-region first team; OL Justin Kidd, all-region first team; OL Travon Frost, all-region first team; DB Dillon Whavers, all-region first team; ATH Tyriq Turner, all-region second team; DL Isaiah Tinson, all-region second team; DL Tyson Scott, all-region second team; ATH Devonte Toles, all-region second team.

St. Stanislaus: Bill Conides, Region 8-4A Coach of the Year; QB Myles Brennan, Region 8-4A MVP, Class 4A Player of the Year; LB Mitchell Walk, Region 8-4A Defensive MVP, all-state first team; WR Owen Betz, all-region first team, all-state first team; WR Darius Pittman, all-region first team; WR Corbin Blanchard, all-region first team; TE Chase Rogers, all-region first team, all-state first team; OL Brandon Tartavoulle, all-region first team; DL Tommy Reeder, all-region first team, all-state first team; LB Mason Favre, all-region first team; DB Brendan Logan, all-region first team; DB Tayler Trapani, all-region second team; LB Ricky Schaefer, all-region second team; OL Mark Cook, all-region second team; WR Harrison Brewer, all-region second team; RB Cahill Marlowe, all-region second team.

Vancleave: QB Parker Bourque, all-region first team; RB Dylon Mallette, all-region first team; OL Cal Bakker, all-region first team, all-state second team; K Taylor Crabtree, all-region first team; DL Jesse Waltman, all-region first team; LB David Capers, all-region first team; DB Jakel Green, all-region first team; LB Trey Barton, all-region second team; OL Jakob Drake, all-region second team; ATH Cade Posey, all-region second team; OL Chris Aubry, all-region second team.

Region 7-4A


Poplarville: RB Jesse Pernell, all-region first team, all-state second team; RB Austin Bolton, all-region first team; OL Austin Arceneaux, all-region first team; DL Julian Dotson, all-region first team; DL Jamerrick Waller, all-region first team; LB Tyler Fricke, all-region first team; DB Camden Ray, all-region first team; DL Chad Hart, Region 7-4A Defensive MVP; LB Turan Smith, all-region second team; DB Tristen Nichols, all-region second team; DB Aritaeus Johnson, all-region second team; RB Sye Blossman, all-region second team; DL Shannon Nelson, all-region honorable mention; LB Peyton Graham, all-region honorable mention; DL Malik Gilmore, all-region honorable mention; TE Taylor Wells, all-region honorable mention; OL Neil Hickman, all-region honorable mention; DB Trey Griffin, all-region honorable mention.

Region 8-3A

0109_bisp_Matt Jones.jpg
AMANDA McCOY/SUN HERALD St. Patrick wide receiver Matt Jones AMANDA McCOY SUN HERALD

St. Patrick: DB V.J. Magee, first-team all-region; K/P Matt Jones, all-region first team.

Region 4-1A

Resurrection RB Patrick Watts scores against Hollandale Simmons. CHRIS TODD/SPECIAL TO THE SUN HERALD

Resurrection: Scott Sisson, Region 4-1A Coach of the Year; OL Jackson Byrd, Region 4-1A Lineman MVP, all-region first team; K Phillip Burrow Region 4-1A Special Teams MVP, all-state first team; "Entire RCS Defense" Region 4-1A MVP; DE Paul Blackwell, Region 4-1A Co-Defensive MVP, all-state first team; DE Renzell Johnson, Region 4-1A Co-Defensive MVP, all-state first team; DT Terry Lancaster, Region 4-1A Co-Defensive MVP, all-state first team; LB Cearly Parker, Region 4-1A Co-Defensive MVP; LB Becht Rowell, Region 4-1A Co-Defensive MVP; LB Steven Demetropoulos, Region 4-1A Co-Defensive MVP, all-state first team; DB David Alford, Region 4-1A Co-Defensive MVP; DB Jerry Johnson, Region 4-1A Co-Defensive MVP; DB Michael Gatchet, Region 4-1A Co-Defensive MVP, all-state second team; DB Barron Freeman, Region 4-1A Co-Defensive MVP; DB Ben Walley, Region 4-1A Co-Defensive MVP; RB Justice Sharp, all-region first team; RB Dillon Jolly, all-region first team; RB Patrick Watts, all-region first team; OL Justin Archer, all-region first team; OL Carter Warren, all-region first team; OL Zach Pierce, all-region first team; WR Patrick Roth, all-region first team; QB Blake Porter, all-region first team; DB Ben Walley, all-region second team; OL Jack Sisson, all-region second team; WR Patrick Lee, all-region second team; TE Caden Hinman, all-region second team; OL Caleb Newbill, all-region second team; OL Hunter Sharp, all-region second team.

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