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St. Stanislaus to celebrate the boys school's original colors ... pink and green

It's not unusual for high schools and colleges to have multiple incarnations over their histories when it comes to mascots and colors, but one Coast school had an especially unusual color scheme over a century ago.

It's “Throw Back Thursday” during Spirit Week at St. Stanislaus College in Bay St. Louis and its students are encouraged to wear the school's original colors – pink and green.

That color scheme is all the more unusual considering that SSC is a Catholic boys school. 

A book titled “History of St. Stanislaus” by Brother Xavier Werneth gives an explanation on how the original colors came to be:

“When student athletes organized the St. Stanislaus Athletic Association in 1903 in order to play baseball against outside teams, they chose as their colors pink and green. There were no organized leagues, so games were played by challenge and invitation. Players also invited their lady friends to view the games and to wear the special team colors which were chosen with them in mind. SSC fans wore pink and green.

As organized school sports developed, team players began wearing uniforms depicting the school colors. When St. Stanislaus started to compete against other schools in baseball and track, pink and green were not considered appropriate colors for uniforms showning a manly spirit. So in 1915 SSC changed its school colors to red and black.”

The Rockachaws of St. Stanislaus are considered one of the best Class 4A football programs in Mississippi.