High School Sports

Here’s the updated schedule for the prep baseball playoffs in South Mississippi

The high school baseball playoffs are in their second round this week with 12 South Mississippi teams still in the running for a state championship.

Severe weather moved through the region on Thursday, forcing the postponement of many games.

Here’s a full schedule of this week’s postseason contests that feature Coast squads:


George County vs. Brandon

7 p.m., Friday — at Brandon

7 p.m., Saturday — at George Co.

7 p.m., Monday — at Brandon*

(Thursday’s game postponed)

St. Martin vs. Pearl

7 p.m., Friday — at St. Martin

7 p.m., Saturday — at Pearl

7 p.m., Monday — at St. Martin*

(Thursday’s game postponed)

Biloxi vs. Petal

7 p.m., Friday — at Biloxi

2 p.m., Saturday — at Petal

7 p.m., Monday — at Biloxi*

(Thursday’s game postponed)

Harrison Central vs. Oak Grove

7 p.m., Friday — at Oak Grove

TBA, Saturday — at Harrison Central

7 p.m., Monday — at Oak Grove*

(Thursday’s game postponed)


West Harrison vs. Pearl River Central

6 p.m., Friday — at WH

7 p.m., Saturday — at PRC

6 p.m., Monday — at WH*

(Thursday’s game postponed)

West Jones vs. Long Beach

7 p.m., Friday — at WJ

7 p.m., Saturday — at LB

7 p.m., Monday — at WJ*

(Thursday’s game postponed)

Picayune vs. Stone High

7 p.m., Friday — at Picayune

7 p.m., Saturday — at Stone

7 p.m., Monday — at Picayune*

(Thursday’s game postponed)


St. Stanislaus vs. Northeast Lauderdale

6 p.m., Friday — at SSC

3 p.m., Saturday — at NEL

6 p.m., Monday — at SSC*

(Thursday game postponed)

Poplarville vs. West Lauderdale

7 p.m., Friday — at WL

7 p.m., Saturday — at Poplarville

7 p.m., Monday — at WL*

(Thursday game postponed)


St. Patrick vs. Mize

6:30 p.m., Thursday — at Mize (late)

6:30 p.m., Friday — at St. Patrick

TBA, Saturday — at Mize*


Resurrection vs. Vardaman

6 p.m., Friday — at RCS

3 p.m., Saturday — at Vardaman

6 p.m., Monday — at RCS*

(Thursday’s game postponed)

*If necessary