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Picayune, Hattiesburg split top honors on All Region 4-5A team

Picayune running back Shaun Anderson runs past Hattiesburg linebacker Dexter Gordon for a touchdown. Anderson was named the Region 4-5A player of the year.
Picayune running back Shaun Anderson runs past Hattiesburg linebacker Dexter Gordon for a touchdown. Anderson was named the Region 4-5A player of the year. jcfitzhugh@sunherald.com

Picayune and Hattiesburg split the individual honors in Region 4-5A.

Maroon Tide running back Shaun Anderson was named player of the year. Picayune linebacker Brian Taylor was named Region 4-5A defensive MVP. Anderson ran 252 times for 2,359 yards and scored 29 touchdowns, along with seven receptions for 169 yards and three more scores.

Taylor had 94 total tackles, including 57 solo, along with two interceptions, six quarterback sacks and four fumble recoveries.

Hattiesburg's Tony Vance was named coach of the year, Tigers quarterback Jarod Conner earned offensive Region 4-5A MVP. The Tigers (14-1) reached the 5A state championship game, losing to West Point.

Below is the rest of the Region 4-5A teams:

All-MVP Region


Offensive Line

Justin Westbrook, PRC

Cole Turner, Wayne County

Garrett Franklin, Picayune

Deonte Reed, Picayune

Mario Love, Gautier

Trent Howe, Stone

Hagen Ladnier, Stone

Austin Pickett, West Harrison

Quincy McGee, Hattiesburg

Demetrius Allen, Hattiesburg

JT Tripp, Long Beach

Running Back

Dennis Andrews, Long Beach

Fabian Franklin, Hattiesburg

Kentrell McCray, Stone


Michael Ferriar, Picayune

Justin Battise, Stone

Tight End/H-Back

Jaidon Evans, Long Beach

DJ Ruff, Picayune

Wide Receiver

Deandre Humbles, Hattiesburg

Darius Ruffin, Hattieburg

Raheem Willis, Hattiesburg

Charlie Wescovich, Long Beach

Logan Matherne, Long Beach

Kai VanCourt Long Beach


Cade Crosby, Long Beach

Tyler Penton, Picayune


Enrique Whaley, Stone

Zabryon Jackson, Wayne County


Enrique Whaley, Stone

Raheem Willis, Hattiesburg


Heath Mosley, Wayne County

Dawson Cudd, Stone


Defensive Line

Orlando Malley, PRC

Quinten Bivens, Wayne County

Shaheim Carroll, Gautier

Jerunte King, Long Beach

Jaylon Carter, Long Beach

Mike Magee, West Harrison

Kendall Arrington, Stone

Rashard Johnson, Picayune

Will Robinson, Hattiesburg

Letrelle Johnson, Hattiesburg

Christian Turner, Hattiesburg


Cody Skoda, PRC

Jortin Raine, Picayune

Michael Hunter, Picayune

Trey Arrington, Stone

TJ Polk, Stone

Tyson Callahan, Long Beach

Gerald Jones, Long Beach

Dexter Jordan, Hattiesburg

Defensive Backs

Willie Reese, PRC

Tristan Anderson, PRC

Malique Briggs, Wayne County

Ronald Polk, Picayune

Enrique Whaley, Stone

Derek Young, Long Beach

Darnell Thornton, Long Beach

Raykell Ducksworth, Hattiesburg

Tadrian Leflore, Hattiesburg

Long Snapper

Jakalynn Green, Stone


Raykel Ducksworth, Hattiesburg

First Team All-Region

Drexlan Allen, RB, Hattiesburg

Gayden Hence, PK, Hattiesburg

Josh Sims, LB, Hattiesburg

Braxton Thomas, LB, Hattiesburg

Reggie Wilson, OL, Hattiesburg

John Minor, OL, Hattiesburg

Josh Dean, OL, Hattiesburg

Kendyl Terrell, K, Hattiesburg

Jacob Brumley, DE, Picayune

Benny Holifield, OL, Picayune

Darius Magee, OL, Picayune

David Baker, RB, Picayune

Peyton Esslinger, WR, Picayune

V.J. Holt, WR/DB, Picayune

Jaurice Travis, RB/DB, Picayune

Jamir Jameson, LB, Stone

Spencer Edwards, DL, Stone

Alex Gentry, OL, Stone

Kolby Willis, DL, Stone

Zach Bond, OL, Stone

Dennis Roberts, DB Stone

Josh Page, ATH, Wayne County

Riley Revon, LB, Wayne County

Austin Hudson, OL, Wayne County

Dearius Royal, WR, Wayne County

Jeremy Sibley, DL, Wayne County

Torique Bester, DL, Long Beach

Marty Moore, LB, Long Beach

Caleb Gowens, OL, Long Beach

Jake Strong, OL, Long Beach

Micah Kelly, RB, Gautier

Daylan Ray, WR, Gautier

Kameron Kincaid, QB, Gautier

Kobe Whitehead, DE, PRC

Chase Pippin, OL, PRC

Ahmad Gage, ATH, West Harrison

Honorable Mention

LeNigel Willis, DL, Hattiesburg

Dennis Payton, DB, Hattiesburg

George Murry, DB, Hattiesburg

Rasheim Jordan, DL, Hattiesburg

Mike Jones, Specialist, Hattiesburg

Elijah Burton, WR, Picayune

Jerimiah Stallings, DB, Picayune

Elijah Jenkins, DL, Picayune

Brandon Travis, DL, Picayune

Freddy Grey, DB, Picayune

Cordevone Jackson, DB, Picayune

Dylan Schabault, LB, Picayune

Jaurice Travis, DB, Picayune

Errol McDonald, WR, Stone

Demetrius Whittaker, DB, Stone

Jammy Boulton, DB, Stone

Kelton Marshall, DB, Stone

Macon Herrin, DL, Stone

A.J. Petty, DB, Stone

Demetrius Harris, WR, Wayne County

Dalton Cochran, OL, Wayne County

Braxton Lee, DL, Wayne County

Rodert Arrington, DB, Wayne County

W.C. Washington, RB, Wayne County

Austin Allen, DL, Long Beach

JT Tripp, DL, Long Beach

Tim Duncan, DB, Long Beach

Lawrence Tyler, LB, Long Beach

Tony Young, WR, Long Beach

Da’Jaun Masters, WR, Long Beach

Bryce Warden, OL, Long Beach

Kenny McNutt, OL, Long Beach

Joseph Olguin, OL, Long Beach

Makael Calhoun, WR, Gautier

Shone Hallman, OL, Gautier

Madden High, OL, Gautier

Roman Miller, LB, Gautier

Drake Thornton, DL, Gautier

Louis Reece, FB, PRC

Braeden Moore, OL, PRC

Kalvin Briggs, RB, PRC

Zac Goynes, LB, PRC

Ryan Spradley, RB, PRC

Ethan Everett, DL, PRC

Darrion Brown, WR, West Harrison

Jaden Pruitt, DL, West Harrison

Joel Washington, RB, West Harrison