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St. Patrick closes season on a loss to Collins, but the team saw a lot of improvement this season

St. Patrick head football coach Jim Bloomfield
St. Patrick head football coach Jim Bloomfield jcfitzhugh@sunherald.com

St. Patrick closed its season on Friday night with 34-2 loss to Collins.

“We played really hard,” said Jim Bloomfield, head football coach in between saying goodbye to seniors on his team. “I’m so proud of our seniors, and our program at 3-7 is such an improvement over being winless, noncompetitive.”

St. Patrick got its first win this season after going winless for two seasons.

Friday’s match up was against the top-seeded team in the region, Collins.

“We played our hardest opponent tonight, and we played them all four quarters,” Bloomfield said.

Indeed, St. Patrick held Collins scoreless through the first quarter, but Collins ended the first half 15-0.

Collins was able to score a few more times before the end of the game, but with about a minute left on the clock, inside linebacker Brian Tatum had a safety.

“I’m proud of the program,” Bloomfield said. “We’re still trying to get better, more competitive. We had 32 players this year compared to 18 last year. The interest is building. We’re playing hard, and these kids deserve credit for never giving up.”

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