Alabama tops Sun Herald preseason power rankings

With only a few days left until the 2015 college football season kick off, what better time to rank the teams than now?

1.Alabama: QB or no QB, the Tide will roll in Texas.

2. Auburn: QB Jeremy Johnson is the real deal. You’ll see.

3. Ole Miss:  The last time the Rebs were a preseason darling ... never mind.

4. Georgia: In Nick Chubb we trust. 

5. LSU: If the QBs can stay out of the way, Leonard Fournette could lead the sudenly trendy Tigers to the top of the West.

6. Texas A&M:  How much of a difference will John Chavis make?

7. Mississippi State: Dak pads Heisman resume on late-night TV.

8. Missouri: Will this be the year the Tigers aren’t overlooked? Guess not.

9. Tennessee:  Wait, so UT’s late-season “momentum” was built on wins over USC, UK, Vandy and Iowa ...?

10. Arkansas: How wild can Hogs be without RB Jonathan Williams? 

11. South Carolina: USC gets tested right away vs. UNC.

12. Kentucky: It’s time for UK to take a step forward.

13. Florida: Savor this win. There won’t be many.

14. Vanderbilt: The ‘Dores are the ‘Dores.