Southern Miss

USM long-snapper shows off with impressive trick -- WITH VIDEO

Youtube is full of trick shots, trick throws and a variety other wild skills on display by athletes, but there aren't many fancy long snaps making the rounds on social media.

Southern Miss redshirt sophomore Lance Schuffert could very well change that with a long-snapping video that's become popular among the school's fans.

In the video, Schuffert snaps a football from the upper deck at M.M. Roberts Stadium and it lands in a garbage can in the corner of the north end zone.

It's usually a bad thing when a long-snapper's name shows up in a story because it's often due to a bad snap on a punt or field goal.

However, if you're a consistent and accurate long-snapper, you can put together a lengthy NFL career.

I'm sure this video will make its way to a couple of pro scouts.