WATCH: Gulf Coast coaches punk players with new uniform reveal

It's probably not advisable to miss your first team meeting of the fall.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College held its first team meeting Wednesday afternoon after the Bulldogs, new and old, moved into their dorms earlier in the day.

As head coach Chad Huff addressed his players -- "this summer we talked about being committed," he said -- one of his assistants interrupted him to whisper something in his ear.

Two of his projected starters, Middle Tennessee quarterback transfer A.J. Erdely and former Penn State cornerback Neiko Robinson, were not in attendance.

"They're not here," he repeated with an uncomfortable laugh. "... You have a starting quarterback and a starting free safety who are not in attendance. You serious? Unbelievable."


Huff sent defensive coordinator Steve Davis off to find the tardy upperclassmen and momentarily left the meeting room himself. Several of the players looked at each other, surely thinking, "they did it now..."

Minutes later the lights cut out, music cranks up -- WHAT?! -- and Erdely and Robinson appeared from the back of the meeting room wearing the team's new white and silver uniforms.


When the lights flipped back on the players seemed to approve of the Bulldogs' new uniforms, laughing and patting one another on the shoulders.

Not a bad QB sneak to start the season.

Watch the video below:

I was at the Bulldogs' second day of fall camp Friday. Read about the team's new D1 additions HERE.

Also, here's another video from today's practice, where former Southern Miss signee Jonathan Nance talks about his decision to transfer to MGCCC: