Wilson at the Masters: Final thoughts, green jacket and a great week

Anthony Kim made 11 birdies on Friday to secure a tee time on the weekend, and Drew Kittleson shelved two goblets with eagles on the back nine on his way to missing the 1-over cut.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson took the stage on Sunday and didn't disappoint. Their opening poor drives-Woods hit a hook left and Mickelson pull-hooked his drive right-seemed to announce to the crowd that the game was on after the duo made pars to open Sunday's drama.

A Hollywood screenwriter could not have scripted better weather or a better golf course, and amid all the fabulous golf, the stunning flowers that outline MacKenzie's gem, and holes that demand the avid golfer's presence at least once in a lifetime, Steve Wilson will take home memories, beautiful recollections of a rye grass paradise in Augusta, Ga.

His 79-75 showing might be painful now, relatively as agonizing as Perry and Campbell's finish on Sunday, but Wilson's next victory, maybe as early as the Mississippi State Amateur at Windance in June, will light up the high points and erase the disappointments of a week that most golfers will only dream about.

As a fan who followed his every move, his confidence and pragmatic approach impressed me most of all. Even though the Mississippi amateur revered the history of ANGC, Steve Wilson was not in Augusta to stand in awe over past champions and thrilling events that took place since 1934.

Q. Did you notice your name on the leaderboard? STEVE WILSON: I did.

Q. Did you notice the names around you, right above Tiger and under Harrington? STEVE WILSON: Oh, yeah?

There's no doubt in my mind that Wilson drove to Augusta on Friday before Masters week expecting to make the cut and to finish next to Woods and Harrington on the final leaderboard. That didn't happen, but he did finish in the hearts of all his friends back on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"Tell Steve we are awfully proud of him."

"That was a great showing. Wow! He sure made Mississippi proud."

Q. How is the area (Mississippi Gulf Coast) recovery-wise? STEVE WILSON: It's getting back. Everything is getting back to normal. Not bad.

Wilson will "get back to normal" in a few days, in a few weeks, in a few months, but there is nothing normal about his golf game. An extraordinary week for an exceptional golfer.