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Suspect in triple murders jailed (updated 6 p.m.)

The alleged gunman accused of killing three family members in Saucier has been released from a hospital and taken to the Harrison County jail.

Marty Dewayne Saucier was booked in at the jail this afternoon. He had been arrested on three counts of murder in the slayings of his mother, father and younger brother. The bodies were found at the rural property on B Saucier Road on Wednesday morning.

Detectives had not questioned Saucier while he was hospitalized.

“We wanted to wait until we had him in a controlled environment, not in a hospital room with doctors and nurses coming in and out,” Harrison County Sheriff Melvin Brisolara said this afternoon.

Autopsies and further investigation will help authorities determine how long the family had been dead. Autopsies were started Wednesday and Coroner Gary Hargrove had said he had expected them to be completed today. He has not been available for comment this afternoon.

Sheriff’s Capt. Ron Pullen said officers responding to a call that Saucier allegedly had killed his family found the doors were locked at the house at 19618 B Saucier Road, but officers found an open window and went inside. They found the remains of Kay Saucier, 54, downstairs and those of her younger son, Matt Saucier, 29, upstairs. The mother and son were each found in a bedroom.

When deputies couldn’t find 62-year-old Kenny Saucier, they forced their way into his work shed out back and found him dead as well.Marty Saucier, the elder Sauciers’ older son, was captured in woods nearby a few hours later and was hospitalized for treatment of injuries sustained during a brief stand-off with armed deputies and search dogs. Authorities had said he is 32. They have confirmed his age is 31.

Officials said Marty Saucier pointed the gun at his head and refused to drop it, and received dog bites to his face and arm and was grazed by a bullet when he dropped his gun and it discharged.

Justice Court Judge Diane Ladner set his bond at $15 million pending a hearing.

Relatives of the family said Marty Saucier had taken his two young children, who also lived there, to another family member’s home and provided money to help take care of them.

One relative, Ray Bond, said he last saw Marty Saucier on Monday.

“I sat at the edge of the road with him about 45 minutes while he waited for his kid to get off the school bus,” Bond said. “He acted like nothing was wrong.”

Authorities said the children’s maternal grandmother on Wednesday morning reported Marty Saucier had sent her a text message saying he had killed his family.

Some relatives have said the elder Sauciers had accused Marty Saucier of stealing money from his father, and his mother wanted to kick him out of the house. He also had a past history of using meth, one family member said.

Pullen, the sheriff’s chief investigator, said detectives are still asking questions to determine a possible motive for the killings.