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Suspect asked where he could 'hit a lick' or rob someone prior to killing (Updated 4:15 p.m.)

Capital murder suspect Rodney Phillip McKenzie asked a friend if she knew where he could "hit a lick" or rob someone the night before he's accused of killing professional dog groomer Johnny Bullock, 67.

Nicole Harvey said she'd been with McKenzie and others at his apartment the day before the killing. While there, she said she saw a gun, believed to be the .380-caliber handgun used in the killing, inside a shoebox in McKenzie's apartment.

McKenzie is on trial for capital murder charge this week. Circuit Court Judge Robert Krebs is presiding.

McKenzie and Daniel Lamont Hatten are accused in the Aug. 10, 2010, shooting death of Bullock, who was found slumped in the bloodied driver's seat of his wrecked van on Martin Street near Scovel Road.

Zarea Reid, who worked with McKenzie at Buffalo Wild Wings, said she often gave McKenzie rides to and from work. Just hours after Bullock's body was discovered, Reid said she picked McKenzie up for work and later drove him back home.

On the drive back, she said they noticed several police patrol cars behind them. McKenzie, she said, "kept saying 'Oh, no.' "

"I kept asking if he was OK," she said. "He didn't appear scared." She later let him use her telephone, saying he called someone, telling them "he had some pills."

Police believe McKenzie and Hatten robbed Bullock of his prescription Lortab prior to killing.

When McKenzie was arrested, police said he had a plastic bag of Lortab pills in a pants pocket. Others, another witness said, were found in pocket in Bullock's shorts.

Earlier in the day, District Attorney Tony Lawrence showed video surveillance footage of two men, believed to be Hatten and McKenzie, running from the crime scene.

In addition, another surveillance video from a U.S. 90 convenience store showed McKenzie and Hatten meeting up there. Later, the video shows Bullock's van leaving the scene. Police believe McKenzie and Hatten were in the vehicle at the time.

The prosecution maintain McKenzie and Hatten killed Bullock during a drug deal gone bad.

Defense Attorney Richard Conant said during opening arguments that Bullock wanted sexual favors in exchange for him turning over the prescription pills to the two suspects.

The Sun Herald updates this story in Wednesday's online and print editions.