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Convicted killer, released early, back in custody of MDOC

JACKSON COUNTY - Convicted killer Joseph Goff, who was released early after serving eight years of his 20-year sentence for manslaughter in the killing of a Gautier teen, is back in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

According to MDOC officials, Goff violated the the terms of his supervised release when he was arrested Jan. 1 in Columbia on a charge of driving under the influence. Goff shot and killed Kyle Todd, 19, in December 2001, at his mother's Gautier home.

Goff was released in March because of the combination of a plea bargain from the local DA at the time - down from murder to manslaughter - state laws and regulations aimed at reducing prison population, and Gov. Haley Barbour's power to give Goff a break because he helped clean up after hurricanes.

Goff's early release angered the community, law enforcement, victims' rights advocates and South Mississippi lawmakers.

The Sun Herald updates this story in Wednesday's edition.