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Mayor vetoes payment to seafood museum

BILOXI – Mayor A.J. Holloway today vetoed a resolution passed unanimously this week that gives the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum a lump sum payment of $18,400, a city spokesman said.

The council justified the payment because the three contracts with the museum had not been amended last year to reflect the 20 percent funding cut, which reduced the museum's funding from $92,000 a year to $73,600, Vincent Creel said.

Holloway said the museum was aware of the reduction.

“It is unconscionable for the City Council to now propose this payment,” Holloway said. “It's unfair to the dozens of agencies that have absorbed 20 percent reductions in city funding. It's unfair to taxpayes and municipal employees who have endured financial challenges over the past several years, while funding for the seafood museum has gone unchanged all the while.”

Creel said at least five votes of the seven-member council can overturn the veto.

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