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Necaise earns apron on 'Masterchef'

Three three judges may have thought that Albert Necaise of the Kiln was a joke when he rolled his cart into the Masterchef auditions, but they're not laughing.

Graham Ellliott, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay all gave Necaise a thumb's up on his "Triple tail alligator" dish and moved him on to the next round of "Masterchef."

The commercial driver and heavy equipment operator from Kiln bantered with the judges, showing off a tattoo on his derriere before presenting his dish consisting of fried alligator, jamalaya and a court boullion.

Each of the judges tasted the dish without commenting. But when it came to voting Necaise yes or no on earning a white apron and moving on in the competition, the comments were as surprising as the dish was to the judges.

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