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DUI death hearing may be postponed

GULFPORT - A probable-cause hearing in the DUI death case involving the Gulfport police chief's daughter was set for today but may be postponed.

Harrison County prosecuting attorney Herman Cox said the attorney representing Darrell Edward Blappert Jr. is tentatively set for trial in a different case today.

Preliminary hearings are held at the county jail only on Wednesday afternoons.

Blappert, 26, of Gulfport, is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol two weeks ago when his Mustang veered into a bridal-shop parking lot and pinned DeAnna Tucker between his car and hers. She died later that night. She was 29 and had just buckled her 4-year-old son in his car seat. She was to be married on April 23.

Blappert is held on a $1 million bond