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Deanna Favre: Faith will get me through this

Deanna Favre, wife of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, did not directly address the allegations against her husband, who is accused of sending photos and phone messages to an employee of the New York Jets when both were with that team in 2008.

She did, however, tell Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America" this morning that her faith will get her through this trying time, as it did when her brother died and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"I can tell you that obviously, I'm a woman of faith. Faith has got me through many difficult struggles and it will get me through this one," Favre said. "I'm handling this through faith, Robin."

The interview, along with Rev. Shane Stanford, was scheduled prior to the news of the allegations against Brett Favre surfaced. Deanna Favre and Stanton were scheduled to appear to discuss their book, "The Cure for the Chronic Life," which introduces a plan to help others work through difficult times and work toward more faithful living.

Favre went on to explain that the "chronic life" is living in a continuous unhealthy pattern that causes one to turn inward and focusing on self, instead of focusing outward and helping others.

The quarterback's wife said that the most difficult time in her life was the death of her brother, who died in an ATV accident, then learning four days after his funeral that she had breast cancer.

"That was a tough time for me and my immediate response was to turn inward and think about myself. I was self pitying, I was angry, I was living in fear with the cancer diagnosis. And until I actually got into the waiting room, having chemo -- you know what that's like, Robin -- seeing these women who were in there. Women with financial burdens on top of the chemo, on top of the cancer, no insurance. It made me look at things so differently.

"I'm blessed. I have so much to be thankful for. Going through cancer is tough enough without having the financial burden. So I know have the Favre 4 Hope Foundation to help women who are uninsured or underinsured."

Favre finished by saying "You can't let the struggle define you. You have to define the struggle and turn this into a success in some way, shape or form.

"Outward focus, not inward."

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