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Vehicle flips, falls from Interstate 10

A gold Ford Ranger truck landed on its side in a huge plume of dust on Thursday morning at the intersection of Seaway Road and Three Rivers Road after flipping on Interstate 10.

Gulfport Police Sgt. Chris Ryle said the vehicle was westbound on Interstate 10 when it apparently flipped, went over a guard rail and landed on Three Rivers Road.

Police are at the scene now.

The southbound lane of Three Rivers Road is closed from the light at Crossroads Parkway to at least Creosote Road.

An eyewitness said he was at the intersection of Seaway Road and Three Rivers Road, south of the overpass, when he saw a huge cloud of smoke or dust.

"It could only have come from the interstate," he said.

A gold Ford Ranger lay on its side on the passenger side of the vehicle. The witness said he saw a hand moving around as if trying to get out of the vehicle.

Moments later, law enforcement vehicles were on scene and directing motorists away from the site. will update this story as details become available.