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UPDATE: Bomb squad detonates old ammo round (2 p.m.)

The Biloxi Police Department's bomb squad detonated an old bazooka "smoke round" this afternoon that was found on property on Old Mississippi 67.

The round, a 3 1/2-inch rocket or "smoke round," was found on the property of Superior Utility on Old Mississippi 67. A call came in to the Harrison County Sheriff's Department about 9:30 a.m.

Superior Utility, located at 16254 Mississippi 67, made the call to the Sheriff's Department.

The Biloxi Police bomb squad was called to the scene to dispose of the ordinance. Biloxi's unit handles all types of explosive ordinance calls in South Mississippi now.

An agent with Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms also is on the scene.

An officer on scene said the ordinance was painted orange, apparently by the property owner as a way of making it easier to find. Unfortunately, the orange paint also covered up any markings that would have identified it as a dummy or live round.

However, an officer with Biloxi bomb squad said they treat each piece as though it were a live round, regardless of markings. will update this story as details become available.