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Barbour announces $11.5 million for Hancock County projects

Gov. Haley Barbour announced today that an additional $11.5 million has been awarded for Hurricane Katrina recovery projects in Hancock County.

The projects are part of the third round of the $200 million ‘Ground Zero’ Program, which applies specifically in Hancock County, where some of Hurricane Katrina’s most serious damage occurred.

“With each round of Ground Zero awards, Hancock County’s recovery effort gains momentum,” Barbour said. “During this time of economic uncertainty, these projects have become especially important for Mississippi and the Gulf Coast, and we’re working aggressively to ensure all funded recovery projects are producing results.”

Barbour said he encourages local leaders to begin construction on these projects in 2009 to help create jobs and stimulate the economy.

Included in the money are funds for improvements to Bay St. Louis' former city hall annex, a storm preparedness facility for Hancock County, community centers in Bayou Phillps, Clermont Harbor and Lakeshore, harbor repair for Pleasure Street commercial harbor, money for the Pearlington library and gym and a recreational facility for the Bayside-Lakeshore area.

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