Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 4

No question of rights

Of course Kaepernick has the right to do what he did, and everyone has the right to express their opinion of his actions. It is not so much what he did as where he did it. He is part of a team, which must be cohesive to be successful. How many of his teammates have relatives or friends in the military or died defending our flag? That may cause hard feelings in the locker room, and hurt the team. He was already subject to be cut for his poor performance starting last year. Maybe that was part of his plan, if he is cut now, he can say, ‘See? I told you, I am being oppressed.’ As a military veteran, I have the right to call him a jerk.

We need the tax dollars

Mississippi and its counties need all the tax dollars they can collect to keep services running for the good of all. When people hide from paying taxes, it hurts everyone. So I cannot understand why Bay St. Louis and its police department turn a blind eye on two abandoned cars in the city parking lot on Main Street. One has been there since June, has a flat tire and no license plate. The other has not moved for months and months, and has Louisiana plates. MDOT and the state and county would get tax dollars if these cars had current Mississippi plates. If they were towed, the parking lot would be a parking lot, not a storage lot. Tourists could actually park there and spend money in town, which would also increase tax dollars.

Wasted days and wasted nights

D’Iberville’s Diverging Diamond was to improve traffic operations. Big money was spent on this interchange but apparently little was spent on the traffic lights on each end of it. Cameras were chosen, rather than sensors on the road surface. I’m not sure what these cameras are focused on but it is surely not the traffic below. You wait for the light to change even though there is no cross traffic. I have concluded these lights are set on timers and the cameras are for decoration. I don’t think even the biblical Job would possess the patience to sit through such.

Thanks for the info

Thanks, Sun Herald, for keeping us informed on the traffic stop in Pascagoula. The editorial Friday was well written and expressed the concern of many I have talked to. We agree preferential treatment should not be repeated in any case. Let us continue to have faith in America and not the fear and secrecy that exist in so many other countries.

Transgender prisoner

Will the transgender man sentenced to prison for sex crimes get to choose whether to serve his term with prisoners of the sex he identifies with or with those of his biological sex?

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