Sound Off

Sound Off: It’s a sad day for citizens of Moss Point


I wish to thank Sheriff Troy Peterson of Harrison County for taking the time to answer some personal questions.

Please explain

I have lived near an elementary school for years. I have been trying to find a logical explanation as to why people show up every school day an hour and a half (not an exaggeration) before school lets out and sit in their car waiting. It takes about 25 minutes for all traffic to clear. They could come all the way from Mobile or New Orleans in that hour and a half. Can someone please enlighten me?

Social consequences

Once again, folks are confusing legal rights with social consequences. Kaepernick has the legal right to remain seated during the anthem. However, the customers of his employer (the fans) don’t have to like it, and his employer can respond to their concerns. No one will face legal action for exercising one’s rights, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences in other arenas.

Company rights

Yes, Kaepernick has free-speech rights, but not at the ballgame. He works for a company (NFL) whose policy is that players at least stand for the national anthem. Protest on your own time. The company would be completely within its rights to fine him.

Dangerous actions

It looks like two police chiefs have recklessly broken the law and the trust of the citizens, neither one realizing how dangerous their actions are to the public.

Bad precedent

How can Pascagoula ever justify another DUI arrest or speeding ticket?

Who does this?

The airlines should do away with allowing children to fly without an adult family member or family-appointed escort. Who in their right mind would allow a 5-year-old to fly alone in the first place?

Sad day

Moss Point’s police chief driving a city-owned vehicle at 109 mph on a public highway with innocent citizens in harm’s way, drinking vodka, turning on the vehicle’s emergency blue lights. Pascagoula’s police chief is saying, “Ain’t no big deal, boys. Give him a ride home at taxpayers’ expense. Oh, by the way. We’ll just sweep this under the rug like it didn’t happen.” Must have learned that move from ex-Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd. Say what you will, but both Moss Point’s and Pascagoula’s police chiefs should be fired along with the city manager. Sad, sad, sad day in Mississippi.

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