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Sound Off for Sept. 2: Kaepernick has First Amendment rights, too

Rights are rights

I wonder how many people who condemn and want Colin Kaepernick punished for exercising his First Amendment right to freedom of expression are staunch defenders of their Second Amendment right. There is a word for that. It’s called hypocrisy. At least what he is doing doesn’t kill people.

Get over it

Yes, there are two sets of rules. Has been and always will be. It’s not unique to this area. If you don’t believe it, feel free to move. It’s the way of the world. Deal with it.

No worries

Thanks, Chief. The next time you have had a couple of drinks and find yourself speeding through Pascagoula, no fear. You may be pulled over, but the chief will direct the officer to drive you home.

No need

I hope every educator will read and give some thought to Brandy Young’s Letter to the Editor in Wednesday’s paper. I taught for 25 years and rarely gave homework. I felt if a teacher used her time wisely, there was no reason to send work home. Kids need family time. No wonder we have so much breakdown in family life today.

Sad day

Thank you for the coverage of the Moss Point fiasco. How sad the very people who are paid to protect the citizens feel they are above the law. I am extremely disappointed not only with Moss Point’s chief, but with the Pascagoula chief. What does the Pascagoula mayor have to say? I feel sorry for officers just doing their job and getting no backup from superiors. Sad day.

Great young man

Thank you, Kaiden Wade! You’re quite a remarkable young man and your show of respect was very heart-warming at a time when there seems to be a shortage of good news. Your actions speak volumes about you and your family. The best story ever.

Warm and fuzzy

Let’s all give a slow clap for the commendable job the city of Pascagoula did with McClung. I got so excited when I found out that the next time I decide to drive 109 mph the wrong way down a one way and decide not to pull over until I feel like it that the fine men in this department will care about me so much they will actually make sure I get home OK by providing me with a ride, maybe even tuck me into my cozy bed afterward and give me some hot chocolate. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside how much the city cares about their citizens. What a wonderful place to live and thrive.

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