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Sound Off for Sept.1: Boy’s show of respect at funeral a fine example

Fine example

Kaiden Wade, if more people treated others with the respect you showed to Jerry O’Keefe, our world would be a wonderful place. The story of your salute to his funeral procession in the pouring rain was an inspiration. You are compassionate and wise far beyond your 9 years.

No wonder

It amazes me the number of people against term limits, yet these are the same ones who scream that changes need to be made whenever some kind of legislation goes against them. No wonder things are such a mess in this nation.

2 sets of rules

One for the common man and another for the rich or those in high places. So obvious. It makes me sick to live here sometimes.

Not a problem

Considering how recklessly the federal government had compromised my personal information multiple times, I don’t see a private email server that has not been compromised a problem and would consider it a safeguard during critical times. Get over it and quit wasting tax money.

Anyone know?

Would be interesting how many full-time employees Wal-Mart hires and part-time without benefits.

Tough choice

Hmm! One dead tree, one alive. Which do I cut? Eenie meenie miney mo.


By 600 percent! The name brand was originally $100. Now under pressure, they are so graciously reducing their price by “half.” It costs just pennies to produce these meds yet they are allowed to mess over those in need for the almighty dollar. Congress won’t do anything because they get too much money from these companies. I have stated before there are numerous common drugs that fit this situation but the powers that be don’t respond.

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