Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 31: Internet isn’t great for personal security

Internet security

If you think your medical records are secure, think about the federal government with all its IT protection and how safe it is. Our office with paper records is pretty safe, but electronic records can be hacked from anywhere in the world. The internet is great for many reasons but not for personal security.

What for?

I am OK with increasing the taxes on dining out by 2 percent in Pascagoula but sure would like to know what they plan to do with the money. The parks we have now are not kept up and the sports complex just off Market Street has been there for years with no one doing any improvements or cleaning up. We need someone to manage just parks and get them up to standards that make people want to visit.

Get going

After seeing the Saints struggle through the first three preseason games, and being a lifelong Saints fan since 1967, I think it’s time for a change in the coaching staff, and Mickey Loomis has to go. Just look at the Bills defense under Rob Ryan. They’re getting it done because the Bills have good players who can be coached. Saints don’t. No Mora excuses. Get it going, or just go.

Don’t need it

The question in Ocean Springs is, “Why do we need a city manager?” The city manager’s pay will be more than the mayor’s. Look at what has happened in D’Iberville and Gautier with city managers. We don’t need one.

Lower pay

Term limits are not the answer for corrupt lawmakers. Pay our legislators like teachers. The selfish ones will voluntarily leave. Those working for the good of the people will stay.

Love it!

I love Monday’s newspaper! The second page is my favorite. Not only do you find the Sound Off, my first read, but also the Things To Do This Week section. The Coast offers so much, and something for everyone.

Real reason?

I read in the newspaper that Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback for San Francisco who has not yet been named the starter, has done everything so far this year but play good football. Is this really why he refuses to stand for the playing of the national anthem: To take attention off his poor and lousy to-date performance?

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