Sound Off

Sound Off

Hurricane warnings

How you know if the Hurricane is coming, is when the birds quit singing and you no longer see squirrels.

New low

You know we’ve reached a new low when most political discussions end with “at least my candidate isn’t as bad as yours.”

Great idea

Kudo’s to the Salvation Army for making clients of their Angel Tree Christmas Assistance Program take life-skill classes. What a great idea.

You think?

You say that you want to know if Trump received money from other countries. Well, do you think it would be possible for him to have gotten more than Hillary’s “foundation”?


Since global warming is happening just the way climate scientists have been saying it would, could someone please explain to me, how these government collaborators are managing to get the weather to play along with their conspiracy? Neat trick how these conspirators have manipulated the weather into doing what they want. If the conspirators are on the take, what do you suppose the weather’s cut is for it’s part in the hoax?


There is an old saying: “If a student hasn’t learned, the teacher hasn’t taught.” You could say something similar about coaching. When there were rumors last year about coach Payton leaving, I hoped he would as I believe he needs a new challenge. He looks bored standing on the sidelines and is evasive, short and snippy in his press interviews. Playoffs? Playoffs? Remember coach Mora?


It has gotten so bad now that the news media are reporting on groups of clouds that could possibly turn into a tropical disturbance. What a joke! Just wait till we get a real storm then you can give us some real news. Otherwise all I can think of is “The sky is falling.”

Stop this

What’s to be done about the litter on the sidewalks in downtown Gulfport ? Since smokers will smoke and coffee drinkers will drink, can’t the city or some entity provide a big community ashtray and a couple of litter barrels there? Something must be done about this. There’s a church next door.

Deal with it

To “Bubble?” Obviously you didn’t understand the Sound Off on voter power/term limits. If you have an elected official that is “corrupt and complacent,” then the voters can vote them out, rather than re-elect them “for years and years.” Of course if you think everyone that you don’t agree with is corrupt and complacent, then that is something you have to learn to deal with.

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