Sound Off

Sound Off

Water runs downhill

News flash: Storm water runoff runs downhill, eventually to the lowest point — in our case, the Mississippi Sound. If you don’t want the runoff flowing into the Sound, then where?

Why we see tax returns

For those who think Donald Trump or any other candidate should not disclose their taxes, this is what we learn from tax returns: Do they owe taxes? How much did they pay in taxes or did they pay none? Have they given to charities? Where did their income come from? Do you want a leader to have taken money from foreign countries? Who has money stashed overseas to keep from paying taxes ? Trump says he has been audited every year. The IRS says that does not happen. Even being audited, he can still disclose his taxes. Nixon owed more than $150,000 in taxes during his audit while disclosing his taxes to the American people. If we all have to pay our fair share, it seems a presidential candidate should, too.

He was a hero

A hero is defined as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities.” There have been many folks sounding off lately about what or who a hero is. I think everyone can agree the Coast lost a real hero this week. Rest in peace, Mr. Jerry O’Keefe.


I read the article Saturday headlined, “Tribe trucks totem pole 4,800 miles in fossil fuels protest” in search of evidence the “truck” was powered by something other than fossil fuels. It seems contradictory to the stated purpose of the tribe’s cause to drive something other than an electric truck.

It’s about credibility

Revealing tax returns adds credibility to the presidential candidates. Not revealing them gives the media fodder to imply all kinds of things.

Honor to know Mr. O’Keefe

Mr. Jerry O’Keefe, your wake was like none I’ve ever been to. The day your family arranged for you to say “See you later” will be one for all to remember. Sympathy to your family. It was an honor to know you!

For all to see

I recently read Ohio now requires drivers convicted of drunken driving to display a bright-yellow license plate with red letters and numbers for six months as a sign of their shame. That’s something we should consider here in Mississippi. Not only for drunken driving, but a unique license plate for those convicted of texting while driving as well. It’s worth a try. Nothing else has worked.

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