Sound Off

Sound Off: Is dim sum available in South Mississippi?


So serving one or two terms would attract unscrupulous candidates? What about them serving for years and years and becoming totally corrupt and complacent? Someone’s been living in a bubble.

Anyone know?

Do any of the restaurants on the Mississippi Gulf Coast have dim sum?

Pave Canal Road

To the powers that be: Please, please pave Canal Road. It is atrocious that it has been neglected so long and has been allowed to get in this state. We try to avoid it as much as possible but sometimes you just have to go that way. The worst part is from Landon Road north to John Clark Road. How much longer do we have to put up with this mess?

Taxing issue

This voter could not care less about the tax returns of Trump or Clinton. They were surely prepared by qualified tax return preparers and complied with the tax code. The media want to beat up on the candidates, particularly Trump, and will do so regardless. Tax returns will only give them fodder to imply all kinds of things. Concentrate on the real issues.

Rigged either way?

Donald Trump has suggested more than once that the election system is rigged. If that is the case, then should he win (God forbid!), we must assume that his victory was “rigged.” What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Who did this?

Does anyone know who sawed down with a chain saw the attractive “Hickory Hill Golfing Community” sign at the corner of Martin Bluff and Frontage roads? If you have any info, the Gautier police need to be notified. Not only are our property values going down because no one is enforcing the code on trashy property, the vandals are just doing as they please to mess up the nice property that the residents do take care of. No wonder no large companies do not want to locate in this area.

Same paper?

I am tired of reading the conservative garbage that dominates Sound Off. Those who think it’s liberal leaning must be reading some other newspaper.

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