Sound Off

Sound off for Aug. 26: What’s being recycled?

Recycling info

Lots of us take recycling seriously, but we need to be better informed about which plastic, metal and glass are actually being recycled.

Thank you, sir!

Thank you for your service to your country, all of the Coast cities and the state of Mississippi. No one wore a suit as well as you, sir.

Bless you!

I was shopping at Winn-Dixie on Pass Road in Gulfport last Friday and unknowingly dropped two rings in the parking lot. Someone found my wedding ring and turned it in to the store lost and found. I would very much like to say thank you to that person. That ring was custom made from my deceased mother’s ring and my own, and it is irreplaceable. You have no idea how grateful and blessed I was to find that you turned it in. I pray that someone will bless you as you have blessed me. Thank you so very much.

Who to call

Here is a novel idea: instead of reporting potholes and traffic hazards to the Sun Herald, call the appropriate government agency directly.

Bad medicine

While I was in the doctor’s office waiting to be examined, the doctor started discussing a woman’s CT scan results with his nurse. When he mentioned the woman’s name, it was somebody I knew. She wasn’t too happy to get her CT scan results from me.

Top priority

Almost every week you will see beach closings on the Coast beaches in the news due to high bacteria found in the water. It is common knowledge that the storm drains into the Sound are the problem. The BP money should be used to remove the culverts from the beach. This should be our No. 1 project to protect the tourists, the Gulf of Mexico waters and the seafood industry.

In effect

We have term limits. If the voters in any congressional/senate district want to have the incumbent to serve only one or two terms, they have the power not to re-elect them. But be careful what you wish for. If there is a law for only one or two terms, you may have an increase in unscrupulous elected officials, knowing they will never face the voters again, selling out their support on important issues to the highest bidder.

Where to cut

The Aug. 23 Sun Herald printed a piece considering cutting the salaries of police and firemen. In my opinion that is the worst possible place to start. It jeopardizes our safety from fire and from criminals. I suggest welfare program freebies a better place to start.

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