Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 25: Know your flag protocol

Flag protocol

I’m a retired veteran of 35 years of active service. No flag should be flown higher than the American flag, according to Navy protocol, no matter the flag pole configuration. And if the flag is flown at night, it shall be illuminated.

Missed the quota

I am tired of glancing at the Sound Off column and seeing all the liberal gibberish. The majority of South Mississippi is Republican. Less than 50 percent of Sound Offs are conservative thinking.

Coin toss

Some enterprising individual should cash in on the race for the White House. Produce a coin with Trump on one side and Hillary on the other. Go to the polls, flip it and vote. You will get the same either way.


Open carry makes no sense to me. What are policemen to do when they see a man carrying an assault rifle on the street? It seems to be perfectly legal in states that have open carry. He could say he is defending himself against thugs.

TV ideas

It was interesting and pleasant to read the article about the new television station coming to Ocean Springs. Viewership would be escalated if Ocean 7 would broadcast the Ocean Springs City Hall meetings and the Jackson County board meetings. That would fall under community service.


The road I live on is two lanes. Trucks are restricted on some roads in my area but not the road I live on. I just watched a truck that did not stop with the ambulance right behind it, keeping the ambulance from passing in two-way traffic . What would have been the correct solution to this other than the truck pulling over onto someone’s yard? Comments?

An idea

Memo to the Sun Herald: I would like to suggest that the Sun Herald add a Sound Off-like addition the readers can use to report roadway conditions such as dangerous potholes, missing traffic signs, traffic lights that need to be re-timed and faded center lines. City and county officials can check daily and direct staff. I would list by cities and counties. I know of a few I could report right now. Just a thought.

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