Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 23: Biloxi needs to put differences aside


What responsible is: If you really believe what you wrote about Obama and his vacation, then you are in deeper denial than you can ever recover from. Get your head out of the sand or wherever you’ve placed it.


Like Andrea Lawful-Sanders in the Sunday article, I also cheered for our black, female athletes. You go girls. I also cheered for all the other American athletes regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.


Paul Tisdale, who has worked for years in a public position, is now offering his services free, and city council says no. Elections coming up next year, where we could have a new mayor and council as well.

Get together

The simplest things can be difficult. Mayor Gilich chooses his team and the city council ratifies it. He chose Tisdale, an able individual. And now the council says no? Come on. Put your differences aside.

Paying attention?

Check out the Blondie and Dagwood comic strip in the Sunday edition of the paper. It appears that the two cartoonists have been reading the Sound Off column regarding athletes being or not being heroes.

Bird watch

I was wondering if anyone has seen any hummingbirds lately? I thought they were around at this time, heading South.


Calling all dedicated people who work in animal clinics all across the coast of Mississippi: I know you have a medical practice, but do you have just a few hours a month to donate to a local animal shelter? Can you imagine what good it would do if you could spay/neuter a few cats or dogs a month? How many helpless lives that would save from abuse and suffering?

Easier way

After seeing the number of names published as tax delinquents, wouldn’t it be easier to print the much shorter list of those who pay their taxes on time?

Who is in charge?

The fountain at White Avenue and U.S. 90 has been sitting empty for over a year. This is at the Keesler entrance and in front of the White House Hotel. Who is in charge of this? What a jewel that’s just been ignored for far too long. I don’t see any difference in the lighthouse on U.S. 90 and the fountain, but I can’t imagine the lighthouse going derelict for so long.

Put it here

We are asking our city officials to put a permanent ambulance station at Lyman Community Center, not Orange Grove Community Center. Our residents need this service located there.

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