Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 22: Ambulance station needed in Orange Grove

What do you think?

In downtown Gulfport, I notice ambulances fighting traffic to reach emergencies in Lyman, Orange Grove and other areas in North Gulfport. Why can’t our elected officials realize we need a permanent ambulance station in this area? Maybe at the Orange Grove Community Center? If you live in these areas, what do you think?

Show some respect

I rent a home in a nice Biloxi neighborhood on a street with no outlet. This home sits on a lot with no fence and is adjacent to another neighborhood’s vacant lot. Apparently, some of my neighbors think that because I don’t have a fence, this gives them the right to drive their bicycles, golf carts, ATVs and, yes, even a car through my yard to a nearby street. Unless you’re invited, going on someone else’s property is trespassing, not to mention incredibly rude. I work hard to keep my yard looking nice, and I don’t appreciate people driving their bikes and vehicles across it. Folks, let’s show some respect for other people’s property!

God bless you

To the lady in line behind me at the Dollar General on Tucker Road in Latimer Saturday afternoon: Thank you for your act of loving kindness. I was in a state of shock after hearing that my son had been killed just a few hours prior to our chance meeting. Upon hearing about my son’s death, you would not let me pay for the food I was taking to my two other sons. Your kind gesture and thoughtful words really meant a lot to me as I tried to cope with a senseless tragedy. Thank you and may God bless you!

A brief history

Thomas Jefferson coined the phrase “separation between church and state” on Jan. 1, 1802. It would be helpful to understand what you’re quoting when you quote it. The Constitution can be read to to some of you, but it can’t be understood for you.

He did help

That particular candidate you mentioned who toured Louisiana did aid the flood victims: He gave an 18-wheeler full of supplies to them.

We have choices

Most of the people in this country do like either Trump or Clinton, so why isn’t the media giving us more information about alternatives? Since this is a Republican state, I would think we would consider the Libertarian Party this year since its two candidates are both two-time Republican governors (Gary Johnson and Bill Weld). They won’t be in debates unless they poll at least 15 percent. So, if you are undecided and a pollster calls you up, tell them you are voting Libertarian just so we can learn more about them in the debates.

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