Sound Off

Sound Off: Stay at home if you don’t like guns

Only a game!

Football is a game, people. A game! If football ended tomorrow, the world would not end. It’s a game!

This is good?

Yes, Mr. Pitts, it is always a good thing to riot, steal and burn your neighborhood down. Really?

Stay home

To the person who is so afraid to go out into the world without people toting guns, please stay home.

Move over

Hey, man, if you are pulling a trailer and playing with your phone doing 30 mph in the left lane, please use the right lane. Some folks need U.S. 90 for other things besides clock killing. Thanks, buddy!

Lights out

A private pier owner (Sound Off “Back off”) on public-owned waters was having a problem with fishermen getting too close and fishing near his pier, and I have an idea that might help. How about turning off the high-intensity night lights that attract fish — and fishermen — from miles away? Also, turning off the lights would go a long way to curbing light pollution at night.

Not funny

This is to the dark-colored late-model SUV that was eastbound on U.S. 90 in Biloxi and into Ocean Springs about 11:40 a.m. Thursday: You and your passenger seemed to take great pleasure and amusement at driving in the passing lane just slowly enough that no cars could get around you. I was the car behind you racing to make it to my oncologist. When I finally got around your vehicle on the bridge, you and your passenger laughed profusely, displaying your abundant ignorance and lack of compassion. Thank you — I hope you never know what it is like to be in my position.

What’s up?

The city of Biloxi seems to work in slow motion except on the CAO position. Why isn’t the mayor looking at other applicants for this position and interviewing qualified people? The city is in a mess with continued infrastructure problems, sand on the highway, building permit approval backlog and continued neglect to our residential areas. An experienced person and a person with possibly a fresh look at our city is needed for this position. Are the mayor’s thoughts more about eliminating competition in the next election? Bravo to City Council members Newman, Deming and Gines for giving thought that our city is a multimillion-dollar business and needs an experienced businessman to do this job.

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