Sound Off

Sound Off for August 19: Thanks for series on DHS

Hero defined

Hero can mean many things. Sometimes it’s just a sandwich.

Good sense

If you missed the Cal Thomas column in Wednesday’s paper, get it and read it. He makes sense.


All this talk about the media and reporters brings one thing to mind. They print what sells. It’s the buyers who create the market. Quit blaming the reporters.


Thanks, Sun Herald, for exposing the DHS issues in Hancock County. It’s unbelievable this could happen in America when a couple can have their children taken with no accountability. Thank God for freedom of the press.

Look it up

With all the news of flooding in Louisiana, it’s time for us to get out our maps for a quick geography lesson to see where exactly these places are. As we travel, we see exits mentioning many of these cities and towns, but a nice map gives you a better idea of where places are. If you don’t have Google Maps on your phone or computer, visit your nearest public library.

Spray, please!

I have not seen any mosquito sprayers in North Gulfport along Old Highway 49 since the middle of June. You would figure with all of the rain we have had in the past couple of months, the sprayers would be out in force, especially with the threat of West Nile and Zika. We can’t walk out of our house in the evening without getting swarmed immediately by several mosquitoes. We have even swatted some during the day. Come on, Gulfport! Get with it. Please!

Angel among us

Thank you so much to the kind and generous lady at Sears Automotive on Wednesday who paid for my dad’s fourth tire upon paying her bill. My dad was just going to get three until this sweet angel paid for the fourth. She asked that my dad not be told till she left. God’s blessings surround you as they did through you to my father.


My husband and I were having lunch in one of the restaurants here on the Coast recently. The man across from our table had a holster with a pistol inside. I actually felt more protected knowing he was there. It’s these places that don’t allow arms of any sort that I’m afraid to be in.

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