Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 18: Where can I safely dispose of electronics?

No secrets

Judge Sigalas, you should wake up and change your philosophy. A watched pot seldom boils. Public trust equals public support. We are sick and tired of secrecy in our government. Secrecy is power. Powerful people don’t want to give it up.

Hard work

It’s pretty evident you know nothing about football. If you did, you would know how hard it is to accomplish the things Brett Favre did in his career. There is nothing sweet about it.

Not heroic

Watching a very talented athlete do an outstanding job is entertaining, but it’s far from heroic.

Who ya gonna call?

Next time you find yourself in harm’s way, call a football player.

Back off

We live on the Mississippi Coast. There are plenty of places to go fishing. Why do people feel the need to fish a few feet off my pier? It is the equivalent of someone sitting in a car in front of your house. No one wants that. When you fish a few feet off my pier, your hooks get caught in my boat, ruining the paint job. Your line gets caught in my motor, ruining my motor. You are damaging my property. When you attempt to get off your boat to retrieve your line and hooks, you are trespassing on my property.


Am I wrong? Harrison County has decided to stay with AMR for its ambulance service. I thought if a county, city, state or federal entity is looking at renewing contracts, those contracts by law had to be put up for bid unless it was an emergency situation. Even if pleased with the current contract, as a taxpayer wouldn’t you like to know you are getting the best service and the best price?

Welcome to karma

I wonder how many of the scores of people rescued by law enforcement in Baton Rouge this week were protesting the police just a few weeks ago.

Anyone know?

I would like to know if someone knows how to dispose of various electronics and a flat-screen television in Jackson County.

Road block?

Seems like the 28th Street widening near U.S. 49 has been at a complete standstill for months now. What gives? MDOT run out of funding?

Why not here?

Our Gulfport water bills now go to Dallas. Surely there is a Mississippi company that performs this service.

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