Sound Off

Sound Off: Pass Road drivers help save precious pooch

He’s a talent, not a hero

A hero is a selfless person who champions and protects those in need. Brett Farve is just a talented football player who happened to have the good fortune to play a sport he loved for an exorbitant salary.

Out of step with Trump

My sense of humor and Mr. Trump’s is 180 degrees out of whack. I didn’t recognize his statement about the president being the founder of ISIS was sarcasm and I thought his announcement last year he was running for president was a joke.

Here’s a hero

The notoriously conservative 5th Circuit Court denied Phil Bryant’s request to lift Judge Reeves’ stay on HB 1523. Reeves (paraphrased) said, “1523 does not serve religious freedom, and does not respect the dignity of many Mississippi citizens.” Who says liberty and justice have no more heroes?

Yard games

Here in Gautier, it’s not the garbage cans out front. It’s all the cars parked in the backyards. It’s hide and seek from the repo man.

Do we have a plan?

Can someone please tell me where all the sane Republicans have gone? How many of us absolutely do not want to see Hillary become president but see Donald Trump being foisted on us as the only alternative? Does someone somewhere have a plan? Do they want us to believe some ambiguous “they” are going to rope him in and tie him up somehow before he has a chance to rain hell and damnation down upon the USA single-handed? Please tell me some decision makers in the party are ready to put an alternative out there because I am losing faith.

Doggie thanks you

Thank you to the several kind drivers who let me pass them quickly on Pass Road on Friday morning. I had my car’s flashers on and I was trying to get my dog to the vet ASAP. Thanks to your kindness, my little dachshund will be fine.

Kids hear things

Parents, please be careful what you say in front of your children while discussing politics. Recently, on a couple of occasions, I have heard young children, maybe 6 or 7 years old, name-calling and saying disrespectful and absurd things about the candidates. These are children who don’t have the ability to understand politics and shouldn’t be exposed to such hate-filled talk about the future president or anyone for that matter. Please teach your children to always think for themselves, be fair and kind to others and learn about subjects before forming opinions. It will help them throughout their lives in many ways.

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