Sound Off

Sound Off

Too many coaches?

Since football season is near, each day the Sun Herald highlights a local team with a long line of coaches standing behind the team. Maybe football has changed in recent years, but I don’t recall teams of yesteryear needing so many coaches. I know teachers sometimes get upset when they see that their school’s team has nearly a dozen coaches, all of whom have to be paid for their coaching duties. I can’t say that I blame them.


Oh, I know the candidates. One thinks it’s a reality show and relies on a campaign of deception. The other is a typical politician with the experience and demeanor needed for the job.

No smoke, please

Since the new casino that Island View plans on building is next to its nonsmoking hotel tower, wouldn’t it be nice if the casino was nonsmoking also? The Palace seems to be doing quite well as a nonsmoking casino.

Talk to them

The original newcomer to Ocean Springs said 90 percent of homes in the city leave their cans out in front of homes. If you live in a newer subdivision outside of the main city and your neighbors park their cans in front of their garage, maybe you should talk to them. In the city of Ocean Springs, 90 percent of homes do not leave their cans in front of their house.

Flag solution

Here is a solution to the flag controversy. Adopt the Mississippi Bonny Blue flag as the state flag. No controversy. Nothing to show anything but the flag.

Support police

Come on, Gulfport. Where is the blue support for our Police Department? For months now, we have heard paint the Coast blue to support our police force was taking place. If you drive downtown, there are a few blue ribbons. If you drive through Bayou View, good luck finding much blue. So disappointed people don’t take the time to put up one small token of support for our wonderful police force that is here for us every day. My blue is up and I hope it is seen. Thank you, blue force. We appreciate you.


I wholeheartedly agree about the unsightly garbage cans in yards and driveways. Sadly, this is allowed despite most cities having ordinances with code enforcement personnel prohibiting such unsightly messes. Thank goodness that Biloxi makes an effort to enforce the codes. You drive through Gautier and Ocean Springs and at times you think you are in a third-world country it is so unsightly. In addition to garbage cans, I see all kinds of junk in yards, driveways and even just outside their front doors. Apparently, the city leaders don’t really care about the taxpayers and the neighborhoods. They just continue spending foolishly.

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