Sound Off

Sound off for July 11: Brett Favre made us proud

Made us proud

Brett always spoke well and conducted himself well. All through his long playing career, we never heard him speaking foul language, degrading others or in any way in trouble with the law. He was a local boy to be proud of.

Words matter

Sorry, but your good try is a flop because of all the negative coming out of Trump. It can be played over and over, because he actually said it. Words do matter.

Flip side

The letter to the editor, “Get to know Trump before you vote,” was an interesting read. Now it’s time for the flip side, “Get to know Hillary before you vote.” It is bound to be every bit as eye-opening for the uninformed.

Not on my dime

Got another flyer extolling the virtues of Steven Palazzo, who according to him, is responsible for many of the federal jobs in Mississippi. I have news for him. Everyone he named was in this state long before his time. I get two or three pamphlets every month extolling Palazzo’s virtues. I notice all of them are prepared, printed and mailed at taxpayer (our) expense. It ought to be illegal to toot his own horn at the public’s expense. Every time I see this graft — and that’s what it is, spending my money without my consent — it boils my blood. I don’t see Sen. Cochran or Sen.Wicker promoting themselves on taxpayer funds. I have much respect for them and none for Palazzo.

He needs me?

I just received a call from Donald Trump asking for $1,000. Seriously! Me! A senior citizen living on Social Security? That is more than I get each month. He said he needed my help. Who knew?

Scam alert

Just received a scam call from a woman with a funny voice pretending to be Heather Gray of the IRS. Hung up, then realized I should have gotten the number and called the police. Please do a story about people getting fleeced by these scamsters.

Fix this

The street between the Waveland Wal-Mart and the Waveland Taco Bell has three potholes and if you happened to drive into any one of them, you may never be heard from again. They have been there well over six months. Please fix them. They have become a health hazard.

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