Sound Off

Sound off for Aug. 10: Stop looking for smoke-free, Veteran

Smoke-free center

Regarding “Smoke Free Please” in Sound Off: They need not look any further. Ocean Springs American Legion Post 42 has been smoke- and alcohol-free for several years. Come join us at the Senior Center in Ocean Springs. We meet every third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Look no further, my fellow veteran.

Who pays?

Elegant solution to the traffic problem at Landon Road in Gulfport. Are you going to pay for it?


I agree with “New to Ocean Springs” on the subject of garbage cans. I read with interest the narrative of “Cans are stowed.” In my neighborhood, Magnolia Bayou subdivision, residents love their cans so much they are displayed at their front doors and garage doors. This is after pickup day, which is Monday. Ride through any day after Monday and enjoy the parade of cans. I suggest that if we are going to display them let’s paint them funky colors and have a contest.


Are you optimistic? All I hear from Hillary is that Trump “can’t” do this or that. Just suppose she is wrong and Trump “can” do what he says or even half as much. I would rather be with the one who is optimistic than the one who is always pessimistic.

Fix this

When are they going to fix the drawbridge on Mississippi 609 so it doesn’t get stuck and tie up traffic? It broke down again today and caused a mammoth traffic problem. No way to get from St. Martin to downtown Ocean Springs.


With all the negative things going on in politics on TV, I viewed Brett Favre’s induction into the Hall Of Fame as a very refreshing thing. He is from the Mississippi Gulf Cost and was an outstanding quarterback. The speech he made included his love of his father and the love of his wife and his entire family. His love of football was a given. We need more young men like him.

Many heroes

Heroes come in many varieties. Of course, war heroes garner the most respect, but there are community heroes — police, fire fighters, etc., there are numerous heroes that inspire youngsters — teachers, coaches, family members, etc. There are also sports heroes. Millions in this country play and follow sports. Brett Favre is one of my sports heroes.

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