Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 9: Overpass at Landon Road would help traffic flow

I support Palazzo

The defeat of Gene Taylor can be attributed to his support of the liberal policies of Nancy Pelossi. I follow the actions of Congressman Palazzo on twitter and his Congressional web page. Plus I signed up for his newsletters. I am a conservative who supports Palazzo and appreciate the work he does in behalf of the 4th district.

Smoke free, please

I read with interest the Ocean Springs American Legion is looking for a building for their post. Good luck in finding a building. My husband and I are looking for a post to join. Our problem is smoking is allowed inside the buildings and I am allergic to smoke. We understand that it is their right to smoke in their organization. However, I don’t think we are the only ones who would like to join if it were smoke free. If not, I can still go to the places that are smoke free. This is just a suggestion.

Traffic solution

It’s short-sighted to think widening Landon Road will shorten traffic signal wait times. Adding lanes adds even more vehicles that still need to wait for other motorists interfering in the cross direction. What is needed is a U.S. 49 Overpass at Landon Road. North/South U.S. 49 traffic should be elevated without ever having to stop at Landon Road, reducing transit time. Northbound U.S. 49 traffic desiring to turn west to Sam’s and the Sportsplex would not take the elevated part, and southbound traffic desiring to turn east into Crossroads would not take the elevated part, but instead stay on the surface, and enter dedicated turn lanes with barriers on either side with no signal restraints because there is no interfering cross traffic (it’s above in the elevated portion). Thus this traffic can turn all the time, anytime, 24/7. Now that’s real enhanced quicker access with zero wait time.

RIP, ‘Big M’

Ocean Springs lost an Icon this week. A man respected throughout the community, Robert Mohler Jr. This man and his children are an integral part of Ocean Springs. This family brought the coast Tat-o-Nut and his hard working sons run or co-own other significant businesses here. “Big M” as he was known never let “you can”t do that” stop him. He always had positive things to say. He was one of the hardest working individuals I have ever known. My wife worked for him at Spud-Nut over 50 years ago. Our extended family had nothing but respect for the Mohler family. I think we can safely say that everyone who knew “Big M” will miss him. We believe his children and grandchildren have gained a guardian Angel.

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