Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 8: Please check your facts


What is the real definition of a hero? I always thought a hero was someone who risked life and limb to save others from harm or death. Brett Favre was a great football player and I think the world of him, but I don’t think he qualifies for the title “hero” as the media presents him.

Responses matter

Young children are going to misbehave in a restaurant, but a parent’s response to the undesirable behavior is what separates the clueless from the considerate. If your 2-year-old is screaming at the top of his lungs in a busy restaurant, no amount of negotiating with him is going to be effective. Pick that child up and remove him from the dining area. Not only are you teaching the child his behavior is unacceptable, but you are being considerate of the diners around you who are also dealing with the ear-piercing screams.

Donate to NPR

You can donate a car to National Public Radio. However, before donating your car, search online for Charity Navigator’s “Guide to donating your car.”

Check the facts

You gotta love people who give statistics that obviously have no basis in fact: “Most of the 99 percent employed by the 1 percent can’t afford to pay their bills” is a ridiculous comment. It’s easy to make conclusions when you have no real facts to back up your assertions.


Hoping this is enough about Brett Favre.

Think carefully

Many are upset with the Freedom from Religion Foundation for forcing Ocean Springs to move their prayer service off campus. Most of us are Christians and expect our children to follow suit. However, allowing religion on campus would mean schools couldn’t discriminate against any religion. Do you really want to open that door?

Cans are stowed

To “New to Ocean Springs”: If you are insinuating 90 percent of Ocean Springs just leaves garbage cans out in front of their homes, you are wrong. I have lived in Ocean Springs for 40 years and have never seen that. If you are talking about putting them out the night before trash day, it’s done everywhere in this country that I have been.

Pay up

If taxpayers are owed $900,000, then why aren’t the taxpayers receiving payments from debtors’ assets and garnished wages? That money could help with education or in restoration of the rivers. Whoever sentenced these criminals should have included that in their sentence.

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