Sound Off

Sound Off

What has he done?

On Nov. 2, 2010, the people of the 4th District elected a new congressman, Steven Palazzo. In short, the voters claimed that Gene Taylor was not doing anything for the people. I have not seen Palazzo have a town hall meeting in years, nor has he been vocal about the presidential election. It’s as if he is MIA. The only time he is seen is where there is a TV camera. In my opinion, Gene Taylor did more for District 4 on his worst day than Palazzo has in the last six years.

Not his concern

Obama still president? Why is he putting his nose into who should get elected? It’s none of his business. Taking care of time left in White House is. He needs to be watched.

Bad choice

The upcoming presidential election will not be a matter of voting for either candidate, but voting against whoever voters decide is the greater of two evils. Sad.

Job creators

To the person that thinks it’s just “so sad” “not so sad” about the 1 percenters have to pay their fair share. Who do you think those 1 percenters are? These happen to be the ones that make jobs. These happen to be the ones that are creating jobs. Think about that one. When one working wonders why they don’t get a raise, ask the 99 percenter why. It is because they wanted their boss to pay extra taxes when they are paying over 40 percent in corporate taxes now.

Don’t forget

Biloxi might be celebrating the year-long 25th anniversary observance of the first casino opening in Biloxi, but you have to back up four years to really get to the beginning of gambling on the Gulf Coast. The Europa Star started it all in 1988, followed by the Pride of Mississippi in Gulfport. The Southern Elegance also operated out of Gulfport and the LA Cruise out of Biloxi. Having been employed by three of the four in the marine department, I remember them well.

Bad precedent

We learned this week that the Obama administration sent $400 million to Iran in January. The payout occurred simultaneously with Iran releasing four hostages. We’re told that is merely a coincidence. The payout was for an old debt going back to the Iranian embassy hostage crisis and the Carter administration. That’s what Obama wants us to believe. But if you pay the shakedown price of the bully on the school playground today, he won’t stop. He’ll be back again next week because it worked once and because he knows you are afraid.

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